Thursday, 6 September 2012

Have you heard?

Get into the boat child

Sometimes it is as if I am swimming in deep water, exhausted, whilst my Father is rowing a boat alongside me saying, 'Get into the boat child, let me take you to your destination.'

Have you heard about God's Son who gave His life for everyone
who suffered there at Calvary that you and I might be set free?
Belief in Him will bring release from all that robs you of your peace
So just reach out and take His hand, don't build your house upon the sand
the door will open if you knock .... then you can build upon the ROCK

'Come to me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will gve you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.'
Matthew ch.11 vx.28-30
The sinner's prayer 
You didn't come for the righteous - for the sheep as white as snow
the ones that are whole and healthy - who know which way to go
No Lord You came for the sinner - the sheep that went astray
You came to guide him back to God along the narrow way
Lord here stands a sinner, a lonely child of the night
I walk the paths of darkness where there is no guiding light
my feet are bruised and bleeding as I stumble down life's track
the brambles cut across my flesh....  there's no coat upon my back
My hands are torn and calloused as they push aside each thorn
my clothes give no protection, - they are tattered and worn
I'm lost in my inheritance of pain and misery
Lord I call upon Your name ..... Jesus save me!
The Lord's reply
'I hear you child ' says Jesus - ' your cry is in my ears
my heart is burning with your pain, my face wet with your tears
these feet have felt your bruises - my hands were torn for you
those thorns were laid upon my head, my stripes were for you too
Yes child I hear you calling from your dark and miry grave
'twas for this very reason that God sent me to save
So lift your eyes my lost one, don't look at earthly things
look to the Son of Righteousness - there's healing in my wings
Don't bear your heavy burdens and remain among the dead
I came two thousand years ago and bore them in your stead
Just look towards your Saviour, I'll be your guiding light
cast your cares upon your Lord - your God for you will fight
and I'll give you a garment, a new coat for your back
You'll wear my robe of righteousness...... to save you from attack.'
'For I am come not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.'   Matthew ch.9 v.13


Just Be Real said...

Brenda, wonderful post. Blessings

Brenda said...

Hi JBR, thankyou for your kind comment, God bless you with His wonderful peace.

Kelline said...

Sometimes we have one of those days and we think we're the only one that knows it. All the faith in our lives and we still manage to forget sometimes that God knows what's happening. That's when He usually guides us in the direction where we'll receive a word from Him. He did that tonight for me.

I had one of those days. It's exactly midnight and I was getting ready for bed when out of the blue, He led me here. He just compelled me to log on and come to your new site. There, in front of my weary eyes were the words, "Sometimes it is as if I am swimming in deep water, exhausted, whilst my Father is rowing a boat alongside me saying, 'Get into the boat child, let me take you to your destination.'"

How about that?! (smiles in amazement). I'm out here in the world thrashing about and fighting the currents, literally fighting the currents of life in this day and the words He sends are directly related to something like struggling in an ocean wave.

Thank you for being obedient when you write, Brenda. It's a word in due season for someone. Goodnight.

Brenda said...

Oh Kelline, I am so glad that sentence spoke to you. I am convinced that in some, not all, churches there is not enough freedom to share what God wants us to share. We are a family, and must converse with one another. It is how it was two thousand years ago, and that record of how the church functioned in the new testament is a plumbline for us. I know myself that since I have been blogging and reading other people's blogs, including yours, that it is just like how the church was meant to be. There are things that are written on them that are encouragement and comfort to those who don't know the Lord, but they can also be a comfort to us who do know Him at just the right time when we need it. God is the only One who knows what is fully going on in all of our lives all of the time because He is omnipresent, but He has chosen to encourage and comfort us through making us each a part of the body of His Son Jesus Christ here on earth, so that we can hear His voice. All things are possible with Him and He is able to rescue us from all situations that satan may try to place us into. We can cast all our cares upon Him who is able to save. We have the victory in Jesus, praise His lovely name. God bless you in your life and in the writings you share.

Lea said...

I feel blessed by visiting your blog. Continue writing, you inspire people :) God bless you always.

Lea Nario said...

I feel blessed by visiting your blog. Continue writing, you inspire people :) God bless you always.

Brenda said...

Thankyou for your kind comment, and may God bless you always too.